Family Favourites Caricature Potrait

A unique way to capture core memories for children and their family. A mom that loves baking for her two children and her children that loves cycling and Olaf and another who is the complete opposite that loves arts and craft!

Ruoshi our senior artist on Lian He Zao Bao

Ye Ruoshi was interviewed by Lian He Zao Bao, the Chinese News Paper on her career as an artist. Here’s a rough English translation of the article:


Title: Never Look Back In The Pursue for the Arts.


Article– “As long as not hurting anyone in the road of pursuing my dreams, i never look back. ”


This is the principle in life of local artist Ye Ruoshi (age 41). Ye Ruoshi, under the influence of her mom who loves theatre, is artistically inclined since a very young age. She decided to become an artist from young. So, her mom enrolled her in various art classes since young. During schooling years, she joined Art and Craft Club before entering NAFA to become a professionally trained artist.



Right now, she is helping her hubby — Kamal Dollah who is also an artist to manage his company doing and teaching art. Caricatures being their main source of business. Besides doing caricatures, Ruoshi is also a Fine Art painter. She said,” In Singapore, the market in the Arts is too small to be using Fine Arts as main income source, I need another source of income (from caricature) to support my pursue in Fine Arts.” To date, Ruoshi had created 300 paintings and more than 10,000 pieces of caricature drawings ever since she started her career as an artist.


Besides visual arts, Ruoshi also dabbles with and learning Cantonese/Chinese opera. In the process of learning this art form, Ruoshi learned about Chinese history and literature which is also her source of inspiration when doing her paintings. For her experience in Arts and those who wish to pursue Art, Ruoshi has this for them– Be flexible and work diligently.



Miles Davis

Trying out expressive watercolor style for caricature of great jazz musician Miles Davis. I love to draw to his music.

Gabriel the Warrior Knight in Shining Armour

So you want to give that special someone a boost in ego. Turn him into a fully armoured knight on a mighty white steed with sword waiving in the air charging up a castle. Anything you can think of we’ll draw it. A funny caricature by professional artists in Singapore.

Birthday Guy in Black Nissan Latio Car with A Cheetah Holding Starbucks Coffee

As you can see, this is not our typical caricature order as there a lot of special requirements which our lady client has requested. The list of details are as follows:

1. Background is the Alexandra Arch near Hort Park (photo attached for your ref) 2. Lead character is a 27 year old young man, who is often in corporate attire – shirt (without tie), black pants and black leather shoes. He is often in white shirt, or red/white stripe shirt with white collars, or navy blue/white stripe shirt with navy blue collars. 3. He should be in the driver seat of a small black car (Nissan Latio), with iPhone in one hand. 4. A cheetah sits obediently in his car, holding up a Starbucks coffee cup (somehow) for him. Or the Starbucks coffee cup can appear somewhere within the car or in the driver’s hands. Or the car can be driving thru a Starbucks outlet. Point is, he is a Starbucks fan. 5. Cheetah has a choker around her neck with a tag that reads the letter ‘V’. 6. The young man is being chased by a Japanese woman (perhaps in kimono?) and a Dutch lady (in milk maid attire). One of the women holds an employment contract in her hands, chasing him to sign it. 7. This is for his birthday, so will be good if there can be a small birthday cake with candles for 27 drawn somewhere. Not sure where to place it or someone to hold it. Shall leave it to your creativity. 8. Would like to fit in a terracotta warrior somewhere. Again, not sure where and how. The reason for terracotta warrior to be included is that we enjoyed a terracotta exhibition very much. Perhaps the terracotta warrior chases him together with the women?

Caricature Drawing Class! On Wednesday Evenings at Goodman Arts Centre

Learn how to draw caricatures for beginners or improve your skill at it if you’re already a pro dabbling with this interesting art form. Conducted by professional caricaturists of Cartoon.SG. It will systematically cover the basics of drawing as well as advance caricature techniques. No prerequisite skills required.

Register early as seats are limited. Certificate will be awarded for completion of programme.

Date: Wednesday evenings
Time: 7pm – 9.30pm
Duration: 2.5 hrs
Term: 2 months (8 sessions)
Fee: $150 p/month* x 2 months (Total $300)
Age group: Recommended for adults and youth above 15 years old.
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre, Blk E #03-31, Singapore 439053
Nearest MRT station is Mountbatten (Circle Line).
Materials provided. Do not buy art materials until we assess your requirements.

*Note on fees:
Full monthly fees is paid to enrol in the programme.
Second monthly fee is due without demand on the fifth session.
There shall be no refunds, make-up class of transfer of person for absence.
We may allow absentee to join future groups for the lessons missed if available.

Should you have any query, please call Ms. Suhailah at 9669 5390 (office hours)

To register, simply send an email to stating:

1. Name(s) of participant
2. Phone number

Programmes customized for schools, groups and corporate available upon request.

Wedding Caricatures for International Customer

We have been getting regular work from abroad. International customers usually send their photos and tell us what they want by email. We will reply with an estimate and explain the procedure. Payment through Paypal and the high resolution image of the caricature when done (not more than 7 days) is sent by email while the original is delivered by air-mail.

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