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Master of the sea, thank you to a dedicated leader.

Tools, communication device, log book, army tank, Singapore landmarks

Showing off that straight teeth.

Farewell gift to an awesome leader who endlessly give the moral support and share valuable advises to the troopers.

Farewell drawing gift to Commander

Major all set for the next battleship with SPYDER

Thank you gift for Major for being supportive and priceless friendship.

Warrant Officer Retirement Gift Caricature

Caricature gift for retirement gift by colleagues to remember a co-worker. Specially drawn with love by the best caricature artist in Singapore.

Army Guards Military Caricature Gift For Retirement

A customised special caricature gift for an army sergeant with the lite strike vehicle and helicopter hovering. A gift to remember.  

Farewell Gift

Farewell gift

Client’s request: “He had been a fan of Black Panther and would want the caricature to be drawn that way.”

Farewell Gift

Thank you for your services Sir.

My other vehicle is a tank

Animate a gift with caricature.

Working with Artillery

Farewell gift for a military fellow

Logos inserted the way you want us to.

Farewell gift for colleague

You choose how they pose. We draw for you.

Farewell gift for a colleague

Dashing cermonial uniform for army guardsman

Transfer gift for Army unit commander

Customised drawing of caricature with unique vehicles is our specialty.

Farewell caricature for SAF Guards

Farewell caricature for army boss

Caricature for SAF in Military theme with ammunition background

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