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A farewell gift for best director.

A thank you present for the awesome boss, for the dedication to the team and company. With her favourite dog who is always by her side.

Appreciation SAF Army Guards

Thank you gift to captain for the leadership, friendship and motivational.

Cantonment police HQ

Farewell gift to a Boss from the department.

Appreciation day

Thank you members for dedicated time and service. Together we pull and come out strong.

Farewell Gift

In appreciation of his invaluable contribution.

A gift to show appreciation

One way to show your appreciation is a customised caricature gift.

Gabriel the Warrior Knight in Shining Armour

So you want to give that special someone a boost in ego. Turn him into a fully armoured knight on a mighty white steed with sword waiving in the air charging up a castle. Anything you can think of we’ll… Continue Reading →

Caricature Gifts For Appreciation Ceremony The Frontier Community Club

A set of commemorative gifts for grassroots leader in Singapore’s heartland. Messages from our client: We would like to order for 8 single caricature to be done as a gifts, kindly include the following messages: To (Salutation and Name as… Continue Reading →

Port Master’s Retirement Gift.

Fun yet formal gift to the retiring port master. Must have been an awesome job as Singapore is one of the busiest port in the world. We drew him in a cartoon Maritime Port Authority (MPA) Boat with a cargo… Continue Reading →

Ghost Battery

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