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Farewell Gift

Live Digital Caricature for a conference

Digital caricature by our team of talented artists at a conference in Singapore

Group caricature

Appreciation gift for those who attended workshop organised by the company.

Assembly talk on the art of caricatures

It’s post examination season and we’re usually busy conducting talks or caricature drawing workshops at schools in Singapore. If you are interested for our artists to be in your school, find out more at

A gift for an AMWAY guest speaker from South Korea.

They are a couple from South Korea who came as a speaker of AMWAY products. Here they are featured as triathlons, strong, energetic, powerful and sexy… all the positive vibes one could plainly see. The drawing depicts that they are… Continue Reading →

To commemorate the completion of a course

We did this format of drawing yearly for our regular customer — Roche. This is an interesting request as it is a group caricature for a team that has completed a course. They want to remember their team mates and… Continue Reading →

Caricature Workshop at Singapore Teachers Academy

Caricature Drawing Class! On Wednesday Evenings at Goodman Arts Centre

Learn how to draw caricatures for beginners or improve your skill at it if you’re already a pro dabbling with this interesting art form. Conducted by professional caricaturists of Cartoon.SG. It will systematically cover the basics of drawing as well… Continue Reading →

2nd Intake Caricature Class Graduates

The second batch of students completing their 8 session caricature workshop on 16th March 2011. The final sessions is to draw succession of quick caricatures of all the participants. They are all awarded their certificate of attendance.

First Intake Caricature Class Graduates

It was a night filled with new found confidence as the students of our first intake caricature class plastered the classroom walls with crazy caricature of each other on their last of eight weekly sessions. Mentored by the Mr. Kamal… Continue Reading →

TV Feature On Caricatures By Kamal Dollah

We finally made time to upload this segment on Youtube. We had an earlier post on the making-of but here it is for the benefit of those of you who missed the broadcast of “I will survive” hosted by Elizabeth… Continue Reading →

NCN Mini Convention in Tokyo 2009

I was in Tokyo for an┬áNCN mini-convention. Occasions like this is where we professional caricaturists from around the world learn from one another and compete in an healthy environment for coveted titles such as caricaturist of the year, and best… Continue Reading →

Akan Datang to OKTO channel on a Saturday Night…

We will be featured on a TV show ‘I Will Survive‘ (OKTO channel, Saturdays, 8:30PM). This particular episode about fringe art and will probably be on-air sometime in March. The programme introduces different genre of art to the layman hosted… Continue Reading →

Takashimaya Shopping Centre Caricature Drawing Workshop

The caricature drawing workshop at Takashimaya Shopping Centre was over subscribed. We had to accommodate 24 participants in a space for 20. Kamal even extended another hour to draw most of the participants. This is a one-off session in conjunction… Continue Reading →

Bukit Panjang Primary Caricature School Talk

We did an assembly talk and demonstration on the art of caricatures at Bukit Panjang Primary School. The presentation was simplified so that primary school students could understand the concept. Following that, Ruoshi demonstrated her ‘Live’ caricature skills to the… Continue Reading →

Arts Leadership: Empowerment for Unlimited Possibilities

North Zone Key Personnel Learning Carnival 2008 is an executive training seminar for key personnel of government schools in the northern sector of Singapore. They had an interesting concept of linking arts to leadership. Participants comprising of vice-principals and head-of-departments… Continue Reading →

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