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On the spot – Live retail caricatures

Farewell Gift

Live Digital Caricature Event

Today we drew digital caricature at the launch of a new sports car model and premium fashion brand. Very posh and fun event!

Live Digital Caricature event

Happy Clients!

Live Caricature at an Office Party

Live Digital Caricature at a Promotional Party

Live Digital Caricature at a Birthday Party

Live Caricature Event at Homecoming Carnival

Live Digital Caricature


Live Digital Caricature at Ballroom

It was great fun.

Live Caricature at Movie night event

Caricature was drawn in 3 minutes.

Live Digital Caricature for a conference

Digital caricature by our team of talented artists at a conference in Singapore

Live Caricature event at wedding


Live Caricature at a Carnival

Live Caricature event for Christmas Party

Live Caricature event for kindergarten children

Inspiring kindergarten children.

Live Caricature event at wedding

Couple drawings.

Live caricature event at wedding

If there’s wedding singers, there’s also wedding artists.

Live Caricature Event at shopping mall

Shoppers having fun watching our artist drawing.

Live Digital Caricature for D&D

Quick digital caricatures for D&D pre-dinner cocktail.

Live Digital Caricatures

Visitors can view the screen while the artist is drawing.

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