Singapore Caricature Drawing Services for Gifts & Events

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Non commissioned Artistic showcase that can be sold.

Off for a fishing trip with Perrier and Croissant

Thank you gift to wonderful friend for her amazing dedication.

Cycling to Happiness

Bring The Humour On

Chinese army soldier rinding horse with great sense of humour.

Caricature For An Avatar Fan

Caricature gift for an avatar fan

Law Of Retirement Is To Create Memories

Thank you gift to boss for the leadership and to great journey of retirement

Birthday Caricature Gift For Best Friend

Memories are created on the special day.

Dedicated Teacher Loves Pet And Captain America Fan


Caricature The Happy Moment, Hole In One Tournament

Swing the club to success.

Gift Sketch Tall Hockey Player Amuse By Juniors And Spore Landmarks

A gift to a special friend who loves for hockey, bikes and respectable by others,

Wedding Memories For New Bride and Groom

Memories on caricature for newly wed couple

Wisma Geylang Serai is our new home!

Our new address is: Wisma Geylang Serai 1 Engku Aman Turn #04-05/06 Singapore 408528  

Face-painting event

We provide face-painting services for events such as birthday parties, christmas parties, Dinner and Dance etc.

Live Caricature Event at Homecoming Carnival

Live Digital Caricature at Ballroom

It was great fun.

Live Digital Caricature for a conference

Digital caricature by our team of talented artists at a conference in Singapore

Live Caricature event for Christmas Party

Live Digital Caricature Event

Digital caricature can be projected on a screen so everyone can watch the drawing process.

Face-painting event

Face-painting event for Halloween

Caricature Drawing To Promote Community Services

Community services and workshops are being promoted through caricature drawings to give off the enjoyable feeling of community togetherness. Caricature drawings hold the capability of attracting excitement with its fun nature.

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