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Farewell Caricature for Singlish Talking Boss

When a lovely foreign boss got used to the slang used here in Singapore, he started using them just like a true local! Ok lah! Can also! Best wishes for your retirement!2014-02-28-Singapore-Flyer-Singapore-Slang-Merlion-Traveller-plant-Marina-Bay-Sand-MRT-Housing-Block-Best-wishes

Goodbye Caricature for Superman Colleague

This is the most quirkiest and happening project we’ve done. The sense of humour his colleagues has to portray him in this piece is hilarious. I’m pretty sure he’ll be laughing at this every time he looks at it.


As I have a colleague who will be leaving my department in March, I would like to have a gift of his face with a superman body. 



Caricature Gift for Dynamic Smiling Boss

A farewell gift for their cheerful boss who has that signature smile. And yes, we do larger than A3! How cool is it to have a huge caricature of yourself for keeps.


I would like to check if you’re able to do the caricature above? We are preparing a farewell gift and (ideally) would like something larger than A3 size—perhaps A2 size? We plan to buy an IKEA frame for this. 

We are presenting the gift next Wednesday afternoon. Would it be possible to have the caricature ready by Monday evening? Kindly also provide a quote for the entire work.



Digital Caricature at Birthday Party

Our customer brought out the TV set from her house and plug it into our tablet for a fun time drawing caricatures digitally at Max’s birthday party. That was fun.

Digital caricature artists singapore

Guests gets a laugh watching their drawing evolve and a photo print to take home.


Caricature Gift for Confetti Covered Wedding Couple

One of our artist drew something lovely for his sister’s wedding. He did something simple like a confetti background and the church. Something clean and simple for the newlyweds special day.


Farewell Caricature Gift for Japanese Managing Director

A diversified office has a pretty awesome idea of giving their Japanese manager a farewell caricature to take home.

Hi, Our Japanese Managing Director is leaving Singapore back to Japan. We would like to give him a farewell gift. We are interested in a group of 7 pax. We will give you the individual photos.  My MD loves golf and drinking.  Below the words we want to put in the drawing:-  “Goodbye, 再见, Sayonara, Paalam, Selamat Tinggal, Sawassdee, Tạm Biệt” Regards.


Caricature Goodbye Card for a Fun Cool Boss

The employees wanted to give the boss something awesome to remind them of his time working in Singapore. What a good idea to make it as a card and on one side they can express their gratitude! Best wishes!


Is it possible that you draw the caricature in an A3 size but your drawing will occupy only half of the space when folded (A4), so that my employees can write short messages on the other half of the page?

I want you to show him as a “family man” with his 5 kids and pretty wife. 

Just reflect him as a good family man. He’s a happy cool guy. 




Caricature Gift for Three Managers

Three managers leaving the company for positions outside of Singapore. What other way to bid a wonderful farewell than a caricature that would remind them of the fun company they were with!

We hope you all the best!


I would like for 3 caricature drawings. These are to be presented as farewell gifts to the respective management staff who are leaving Singapore.



Birthday Gift for the Funny Cool Boss

Can never go wrong with a nicely drawn caricature of your boss for her birthday right? This is an adorable and fun way of brightening up her day.


I would like to order a caricature at A4 size with body and background.

 Can you please give me 2 quotes with the following criteria added as well: - 

#1: 1 person only 

#2: 1 big person plus 7 additional person in the background

#3: Instead of Happy Birthday Fren, please put ‘Happy Birthday to a wonderful boss!’

#4: For the Sweet, smart message.. please change to Funny, Cool, Sophisticated & Inspiring.. that’s you



Farewell Gift for Japanese Boss

A very nice farewell gift for their Japanese boss who will be leaving Singapore soon.

I sure hope he had a blast working here and will bring back sweet memories along with this amazing caricature we did for him.