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Digital Caricature As Farewell Gift to A Football Fanatic

This officer from the air force supports Manchester United soccer team.

Farewell Gift Caricature For Commanding Officer

This guards unit officer got himself a handsome caricature dedicated by his soldiers.

Party Invitation Graphics for Anniversary Party in Bali

Couple is into colourful wigs and bogeying in their swimsuits. Its is for the cover of their invitation card.

Rememberence Gift Caricature

A simple mugshot caricature says the message better than a card that is never going to be framed and hung for fond memories.

A Unique Trophy For Award Winners

Perhaps this is better than a brass cup or nowadays plastic cups or pewter plaques as a reward for outstanding performance. We’re doing this rather regularly now that this employer uses caricatures as trophies.

Wedding Proposal Stunt for Couple on Valentine Day

What do you think she will write in the speech bubble?

Appreciation Gift For Our Carpentar

We were very appreciative of this guys effort in rushing the completion of flight cases for our Universal Studios Singapore set-up that we gave him our special facial treatment. He was happy to receive them. This is our retail style of caricature which is completed on-site in just a few minutes.

Old Singapore Theme Caricature For Expatriate Couple

Its a gift for a couple (and a cat) departing for overseas posting from their dear friends in Singapore. I assume all of them are expatriates and request to be drawn in local outfits and doing what Singaporeans do.

Zorro Got Married and Ordered a Wedding Caricature

We can do whacky theme that tells something about you. As long as you can think of it we’ll draw. We really like this request. This is definitely more cool than a knight in shiny armour on a white horse.

Caricature Gift For A Lady of Leisure

She has nice clothes, read books and likes IT gadgets.

Caricature of Naval Officer Playing War Games

Its a gift for an officer in the Navy who likes cats among other things.

Darth Vader Playing Golf Caricature

Its a gift for a navy officer who is a Starwars fanatic and likes playing golf.

Gift for Boss Caricature

A special gift for this paper merchant for his 15 years of dedication

Gift Caricature for Boyfriend

The background has all the things that he like.

Just a simple mugshot

God of Fortune Caricature

Its a gift for a boss in one of the government agencies.

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