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Would like to find out how much it costs for wedding couple in standees. Thanks


I would like to enquire on the charges for wedding couple caricature (A4 size poster) and additional words added to the poster?

Thank you.

Hi i would like to check with you the charges of

Wedding couple, postcard sized (invitation cards). international theme or wedding couple on a bike.

May i know how much do you charge on drawing Wedding Caricature? What is the the price range? I wish to have face,body with background Thanks!!

Hi may I know that how much is the rate charge for a wedding couple for chinese theme ? Kindly advise


My Solemnisation is around the corner… Just wondering if you have any romantic & sweet background with the wedding couple in the caricature? what are the sizes available? Will this caricature (in canvas or other material) come together with a stand? How much will it roughly cost?


Dear in charge,

We are having our wedding on 3rd June 2011 and are interested in getting one of your wedding standee or banner.

However we would like to find out the prices of the 1.6 and 1.8m standee or banner respectively.

Looking forward to your early reply. Thanks!


Yan Yong & Meilin

i would like to get a couple drawing as Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend. Would like to find out how much is the size of A4 and whether you can give me the soft copy as well? Thank you very much.

i would like to know how much is your charges in a wedding couple poster size golfer themed wedding or any new design aside from this examples.



I would like to know your charges.

Wedding couple, poster sized (displayed, framed) + postcard sized (invitation cards). Indian themed.


Hi.. Im Ernaningsih just wondering how much do you charge on drawing Wedding Caricature? do you have the price range.. Thanks!!

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