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May the force be with you, Star Wars forever

Who says Nick Fury don’t wear glasses…heroes do need to aim right at the target.

Superwoman taking off with her blue car

Regional Director Remembered as Ironman Improving the Region he Served

A parting and farewell gift for a beloved leader, depicted as a superhero. Boss gift wishing him all the best for his next journey.

Wonder-Woman Mummy

A birthday gift for an amazing superhero like Mum.

Dedicated Teacher Loves Pet And Captain America Fan


Gift For A Darth-Vader Joyful Boss

Thank you gift for Boss who love for Darth Vader in StarWars.

Scoring The Maths Teacher Appreciation Gift

Sporty cartoon maths teacher bid farewell

Rendezvengers Heroine Superlicious Thank You Cartoon Momento

Thank you gift to Gorgeous and Sexy Rendezvouz superhero…caricatures

Gift for Special Lady Boss

A special request by staff to an appreciated boss who’s admirable strength like Wonder woman

Farewell Gift

A “Nick Fury” carrying beg of “ham Chim Peng”

Farewell Gift

Farewell Gift

Farewell Gift

“Draw him like #Luffy”

Farewell Gift for boss

Farewell Gift

For our beloved superwoman.

Farewell Gift

Birthday Gift for Super Mum

Farewell gift

Client’s request: “He had been a fan of Black Panther and would want the caricature to be drawn that way.”

Birthday gift for a super baker

“This is our team’s business admin. She is full of energy. She is a fantastic cook/baker and each month she prepares a big homemade spread of cakes/desserts, cheeses and other food for the team’s birthday persons of the month. So… Continue Reading →

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