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A retirement gift for a big soccer fan of Manchester United.

Flying back to London to see the Big Ben.

A lawyer and a rugby player hit’s his 50, forever charm to the family.

Staying fit, cycling and enjoying the panoramic view of Singapore

Keeping fit by cycling your way through and enjoying the amazing scenic.

Cycling to Happiness

October Babies Best Friends Happy Birthday

Celebrating birthday boys in sports wear together.

Lift The Happiness And Continue Shinning

Farewell to gym colleague

Crowning On His Birthday To Big Fan Of Liverpool

Caricature of Liverpool fan and his trophy for his birthday

Caricature The Happy Moment, Hole In One Tournament

Swing the club to success.

Gift Sketch Tall Hockey Player Amuse By Juniors And Spore Landmarks

A gift to a special friend who loves for hockey, bikes and respectable by others,

Running To Healthy Lifestyle

Let music companies you to healthy living  

Farewell Sketch, Coming Home To Long Marathon Of Food, Music and More Selfies

Memories Sketch, marathon to home country, to more music, food and happy selfies on the go.

Farewell Gift

Thank you Gift

Farewell Gift

Farewell Gift

Professional babysitter

Farewell Gift

Farewell Gift

Farewell Gift

“I would like to request for a cartoon caricature as a farewell gift for my manager. He is from Argentina and a big fan of football.”

A gift for my sporty friend

“Our friend is a sporty person with a bubbly character.”

Farewell Gift

“Draw him in a bodybuilding pose with a #dadbod”

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