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A retirement gift for a big soccer fan of Manchester United.

Flying back to London to see the Big Ben.

A farewell gift for best director.

A thank you present for the awesome boss, for the dedication to the team and company. With her favourite dog who is always by her side.

Superwoman taking off with her blue car

Let’s roll the ball down the alley

Boss knocking off the pins, thank you give from the department.

Dip that cracker in the coffee

Electronic gadgets, office room, enjoying hot coffee with biscuit and an animal lover.

Folding arm numbers figures office meeting

Appreciation gift for lady in red dress, ” Achieving the goals”.

Group Gift by Boss to His Employees Showing their Favourite Hobbies and Talents

A group gift for a company where employees are drawn according to the various hobbies or talents they have. Perfect gift with a slight sense of humour to show appreciation of your employee’s hard work.

Regional Director Remembered as Ironman Improving the Region he Served

A parting and farewell gift for a beloved leader, depicted as a superhero. Boss gift wishing him all the best for his next journey.

Farewell To An Amazing Lady Boss

Thank you gift to lady boss for the guidance,¬†leadership and friendship.  

Riding To A Retirement, Thank You Gift

Farewell gift to a big boss for the long services.

Mugshot, Farewell Gift To A Colleague

Thank you mugshot sketch for a team head

Thank You Gift, Swiss Office Colleague

Farewell gift for Swiss colleague for his service in Singapore.  

Farewell Gift 4 Faces Corporate Ladies Cartoon Memories

Different ladies counterparts in one caricature thank you gift.

Special Gift For Special Ladyboss

Special thank you gift face portrait to Ladyboss

Farewell Wishes to Expatriate Boss Who Has a Plan

Office setting with thing that he likes while in Singapore, peculiar things that only a caring colleague would notice to come up with an original gag for a farewell gift to remember the good times together before he leaves to… Continue Reading →

Farewell Gift

Farewell Gift

Thank you gift for client

Wisma Geylang Serai is our new home!

Our new address is: Wisma Geylang Serai 1 Engku Aman Turn #04-05/06 Singapore 408528  

Thank you gift

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