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Editorial illustration caricature of chef

Lego theme rockstar caricature

Caricature gift for a MU fans

Caricature gift for our Paralympic swimming medals winners

Classic B&W caricature gift for a father who loves Charlie Chaplin

Best ironman actor award winner

Hollywood glamorous theme caricature for pretty lady

Funny farewell theme caricature for a navy

Guitar Rock Star theme Caricature

Digital Caricature with Rock Star Theme for Birthday gift

A gift for an AMWAY guest speaker from South Korea.

They are a couple from South Korea who came as a speaker of AMWAY products. Here they are featured as triathlons, strong, energetic, powerful and sexy… all the positive vibes one could plainly see. The drawing depicts that they are… Continue Reading →

Ruoshi our senior artist on Lian He Zao Bao

Ye Ruoshi was interviewed by Lian He Zao Bao, the Chinese News Paper on her career as an artist. Here’s a rough English translation of the article:   Title: Never Look Back In The Pursue for the Arts.   Article–… Continue Reading →

Robin Williams Tribute (Second Attempt)

Second attempt. An additional piece of Robin Williams using colour pencils with expressive strokes.

Robin Williams 1951-2014 (tribute)

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