I believe in words spread by mouth. This caricature is a referral by her colleague, who had used our services before.

Client’s request:
Reference my telephone call this morning.  I have been referred by my colleague, XXXXX, who has used your good services.
My boss will soon be relocating from Singapore to Panama, from an English speaking country to a Spanish speaking country.  We would like to do a A3 full body caricature of him (one person).  We need to present it to him on 1st April.  Attached is a photo of him and below are some information concerning him which hope you find useful:
– Name:  XXXX
– Nationality:  Danish
– Designation:  Head of Asia Pacific Liner Operations Cluster (in short APALOC), XXXX Line
– Role:  oversees XXXX Line marine, hub and feeder operations for Asia Pacific
– Likes :  Coffee, steaks, wines, football (Liverpool), Italian cuisines, music by Eric Clapton, the beach  (he loves Phuket, Sibu Islands in the east coast Malaysia).
– Dislikes:  none that I can think of
– Characteristics:  loves to joke, approachable, sociable, caring even towards staff
– On daily basis, he would :
1) have a cup of special brew coffee to start the day – in recycled cups, not porcelain cups. 
2) his mini iPad next to him besides the office laptop.
3) monitors the daily operations update.  For this, we have the daily casual morning meetings (every morning at 0915 hrs for about 10 mins).  Besides this, we also have  the Visual Management System (VMS) on the wall board that is updated weekly on our performance.  This VMS shows the performance in the following areas under his responsibility:
a) Marine
b) Hub
c) BPM
d) Feeder
For the above, the key words that are often used in the day to day operations and interactions are:
– Voyage Waste
– Operating System
– Standard Work
– Rollings
– SR
His day-to-day main contacts outside APALOC are:
– APA Region